Norm Benn Training Centre
Norm Benn Training Centre
Ontario, Canada

    The Technical Topics for the 2020 - 2021 
    EDM - Continuing Education Training Programs 

    Public Safety & Accessibility        

    This part of the course reviews the design, installation, maintenance and use of elevators and escalators for individuals with disabilities and special needs.


    Electrical Distribution Systems        

    This part of the course describes the construction features of shared electrical distribution systems and discuss problems and solutions for the industry.


    Risk Assessment & Mechanics’ Fatalities 

    This part of the course covers risk assessment concepts and practices and other factors which contribute to serious life-changing injuries and fatalities related to young and experienced mechanics and successful methods for general and targeted accident and injury prevention.


    Technical Sections for Class Specific Options will be made available for the following:


    EDM-B Maintenance Procedures for hoist car doors and gate        

    This part of the course reviews maintenance procedures for hoist car doors and gates and would include; Gate switches, guide tracks / shoes, suspension gate cable, lubrication; inside car components, operator controls, operation of communication system; car top components, load weighing devices, guides, shoes, slippers, rollers, wire rope shackles, hitches and springs, sheaves, guards and shafts, data plates, electrical switches and switch assemblies, car top cleaning, escape hatch etc.


    EDM-D Materials and Fastening Technology        

    This part of the course is a review of Properties and application of metals, alloys, neoprene, plastics, composites metals; Characteristics of materials strengths, Fasteners for specific applications: bolts, through bolts, nuts, lock washers, flat washers, bevel washers, pins, dowels, retaining rings, W-clips, Z-clips, T-nuts etc.

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