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    Norm Benn Training Centre
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    Health & Safety Compliance Training

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    Managing Safety

    Strategies are discussed to address the resistance, barriers and anxiety experienced by organizations in the implementation of safety programs. The training gives direction and techniques required to manage safety and to integrate the safety concerns into the existing management function of the company.

    Implementing Safety in the Workplace

    This workshop is a "what to do- how to" workshop which addresses specific needs and responsibilities of workplace supervisors and workers. The emphasis is on practical approaches and procedures for either administrative or production front line supervisors to assist them in meeting their safety obligations.

    Hazard Recognition

    This workshop covers the methods used for recognizing hazards usually found in the operations, processes, and human activities that contribute to hazards. This course describes the techniques to identify the root causes and strategies that can be used to address the concerns and to ensure the correct preventative action.

    Safety Leadership: Consultation and Consensus Building

    Consultation, consensus building and the inclusion of stakeholders in decision making are very critical in the development and implementation of an effective safety program. This programme addresses the need, process and skills in leadership, consultation and consensus building.

    Accident Investigation
    The prevention of accidents requires a thorough understanding of the causes of accidents. This training will explore the causes of accidents, information collection techniques, interviewing skills, information analysis, cost of accidents, corrective strategies and the benefits of effective accident investigation.

    Workplace Inspection

    Presented as a tool to identify and control hazards in the workplace. Both operational and safety committee inspections are covered. Proper workstation design, equipment hazard, materials and the use of a checklist are included. Reporting and corrective actions to maintain safe workplaces are discussed.

    Exposure Monitoring and Sampling

    This training is designed to help individuals identify workplace hazards, exposure measurement, instrumentation and methods of control. The programme outlines methods of measuring exposure to dust, particulate, fumes, vapours, chemicals, noise and radiation. Participants will be able to compare tests results with applicable regulations and standards. TLV application would be discussed and hands-on use of instruments would be provided.

    Construction Trades Safety Training

    Safety training for general construction and specific trades would be covered in this programme. Topics include responsibilities, personal protective equipment, emergency procedures, material handling, ladders, scaffolds, work platforms and tools etc.

    Communication Principles and Practices for Facilitators

    As organizations change their operations based on team activities, many workers are having difficulties due to a lack of appreciation of team-work and the necessary skills required for working in teams. This course will explore the basic knowledge and skills needed for workers to function effectively in teams. The topics include organizational change principles and resistance, communication, effective listening, meeting procedures, consensus building, assertiveness, conflict resolution, interpersonal and general team building skills.

    This workshop would be a blend of interactive discussion, group activities and case study

    Workplace Harassment and Violence - Developing value and Respect for Employees

    This training program will explore the issues of discrimination, harassment and violence. It includes the impact on people and the workplace and covers the range of harassment issues, individual’s rights and responsibilities and the organization policy and procedures. Ultimately it promotes ways to build healthy and respectful relationships with co-workers.