Norm Benn Training Centre
Norm Benn Training Centre
Ontario, Canada
    • Celebrating 100+ years of safety excellence.

    Regardless of what business you're in, people are a part of what you do. DoSafety™ is the core of our commitment to help your people flow safelywherever they are. 

    The central focus of DoSafety™ is to evaluate your company's safety management systems. Information gathered during such an evaluation is used to foster a sustainable culture of company safetywhile enhancing your company's people-performance. 

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    Your peace of mind is our legacy.

    In one year alone, OSHA levied nearly one thousand safety convictions in Ontario—adding up to more than $12 Million in fine amounts. 

    ​Our safety strategies are designed to help keep your people safe, while you're at ease.

    Tomorrow starts today.

    The culture of safety at your company is what brings people back. 
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