Norm Benn Training Centre
    Norm Benn Training Centre
    Ontario, Canada

    Elevator Device Training for Mechanics

    Elevator Emergency Evacuation of Trapped Passengers

    Our course offers specialized knowledge and skills for elevator emergency response. Approved by the TSSA, it equips you with content and practical training to effectively rescue individuals trapped in stalled elevators.

    Safety Seminar Module for Elevating Devices Mechanics

    This 24-hour program, spanning either three days or two 12-hour days, is designed to fulfill all 20 objectives outlined in the TSSA Curriculum. It caters to mechanics who are seeking to become certified as Elevating Devices Mechanics and Elevating Devices Mechanic-in-Training, providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills.

    EDM - Continuing Education Training Programs
    Our TSSA Approved CE Course covers the curriculum standard for the 2021 Elevating Device Mechanic Continuing Education cycle; 6 hours on safe work practices and related topics that may include product-specific safety applications or procedures; the Act, its regulations, applicable code(s), director’s orders/bulletins; and 6 hours on technical training related to the elevator industry, which may include cross-discipline training involving curriculum that may have an impact on the elevator trade. Go here to view the technical topics of this course...

    Freight Handler Training
    This course is approved by TSSA for users of freight elevators located in buildings that have commercial, residential, or a mixture of both types of occupants. Participants review their responsibilities under both the Technical Standards and Safety and the Occupational Health and Safety Acts and Regulations. A hands-on exercise allows the participants to demonstrate their ability to use the freight elevator in the building.

    Exam Preparation Course for All EDM Certificates***

    These training programs are provided for persons holding EDM T Certificate to write the respective TSSA exams. The curriculum for the certificate is reviewed with the mechanics to determine the areas in which concentrated coaching is needed.

    Curricula Training for EDM-B, EDM-D and EDM-F Certificates
    These training courses cover the content of the curriculum for the respective class of EDM Certificate.